90 Miles From Tyranny : Travel Ban and National Security

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Travel Ban and National Security

Trump's executive order does indeed reflect American values - values that scream national security, and a strong stance against the totalitarian barbarism offered by the Islamic jihad.

The executive order on immigration and refugees that President Trump signed right before the launch of last weekend has the liberal left Democrats beside themselves in anger. The protest-laden display of their anger has simply been confirmation for Trump supporters why they want nothing to do, anymore, with the unhinged liberal left Democrats in America. Simply put, the executive order in question puts a freeze on immigration and travel into the United States from seven countries that are either historically and currently supporters and a funding source for the Islamic jihad, or has actors committing terrorism throughout their population, and we simply cannot fully trust the alleged refugees coming here from those countries to not be a part of that jihad effort. The “ban” is a 120 day program, drastically cutting the number of Muslim migrants we admit into this country, and limits some travel from certain Muslim-majority countries.

The liberal left democrats consider the executive order “cruel” and a departure from America’s “come one, come all” immigration attitude.

The increase in attacks as the number of Muslim “refugees” in the country increases is not a coincidence. There is a direct correlation

While it is true the United States has a beautiful history of sheltering and accepting those fleeing violence and persecution, and has always been the world leader in refugee resettlement, it is also important to understand that the enemy, in this case Islamism, is not shy about inserting itself among the fleeing populations. The unfortunate reality is that the migrants are largely made up of jihad-age males.

While among those fleeing the Middle East there are those who truly seek refuge in the United States, to protect the receiving population it is necessary to take a strong stance with the vetting process to ensure that only those seeking to make America their home and wish to be contributing members of our society are who we accept. I have no problem extending a hand of generosity to those people. But, to keep us safe, let us make sure that the jihadists are...

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