Sunday, January 29, 2017


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  1. No matter what is said or done Joy is a hater and loves the smell of Hillary's ass, and one thing that bothers me is that she is a Jew and Obama hates Jews, well maybe not hate but he sure don't like them. Obama was a drug user, a Commie, and a radical so is his wife, they both don't like our laws, our flag or our national anthunm or our pledge of allegence and they are both race baiters, Trump has said some things that isn't cool but who hasn't. Also look at President Reagan, he was an actor then a govenor then the president at least Trump has experience dealing with people and he will not bow down to other countries like Obama did which if I remember went against what was expected of him and against the constitution or whatever?!! All these people in Hollywood thinking yhey know everything when they don't know shit except how to remember lines that they have to read other than that they are NOBODIES!
    I think Omarosa did a fine job of handling Joy and will do a great job!