Thursday, February 2, 2017

9mm Winchester Ammunition Review And Comparison For, which has great prices by the way, (don't take my word for it, see for yourself HERE), asked me to review some 9mm ammunition for them. Specifically, the traditional Winchester 9mm White Box, which I have used before and currently have a tidy supply of, and the new steel cased, USA Forged brand 9mm ammunition also from Winchester. 

Anne from sent me one box of USA Forged, which contains 150 rounds of the new steel cased ammunition, and two boxes of the standard brass cased 9mm shells. Here is a link to Wideners 9mm Ammo:

I have two 9mm handguns: a Glock 19 and a Ruger LC9. Before shooting, I was pretty confident that my Glock would pretty much shoot any kind of 9mm round, but I have had a few jams in the past with my Ruger LC9, so I was pretty interested in seeing how the new steel cased Winchester shells would perform with it.

I headed over to Nexus Shooting in Davie Florida, not because over fifty percent of their staff is female, but because of ummm, errr... propinquity, yeah that's the ticket.

Unfortunately there was a 45 minute wait for the target range, so I went to the digital range, which I reviewed here in the past, so, yeah... I shot up some animated zombies, defended the earth from asteroids (you are welcome), and obliterated numerous animated digital targets with ammunition from It was fun!

Steel cased Winchester USA Forged:

I put 100 steel cased rounds through my Glock 19, which happily processed each round flawlessly, no misfires, no jams and all with the high level accuracy that I expect from my Glock.

And now the big test: will my Ruger LC9 perform as well?

Whenever it has been a while between shooting my LC9, it takes a few rounds to get used to the overly long trigger pull, which is my biggest complaint about the LC9, but once I settled in with it, I pumped the last 50 rounds of the steel cased ammo through the LC9 with no problems whatsoever.

Brass cased Winchester white box:

The brass cased Winchester rounds also performed flawlessly in both guns, no jams, no misfires.

The steel cased USA forged rounds left a residue on my fingers, and that was about the only drawback of the new rounds. 


Since the new Winchester USA Forged steel cased rounds are cheaper than the Winchester brass cased rounds, they are a good option to save some money and to keep Americans employed by buying American!


  1. I headed over to Nexus Shooting in Davie Florida, not because over fifty percent of their staff is female, but because of ummm, errr... propinquity

    Pig... and I mean that with the best of intentions :)

    1. I've seen those hotties that you post on your blog. You too, are unable to deny nature...