90 Miles From Tyranny : NAACP, leftist celebs want you to boycott the NFL until ‘oppressed’ Kaepernick gets signed

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

NAACP, leftist celebs want you to boycott the NFL until ‘oppressed’ Kaepernick gets signed

NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick blames racism for his continued unemployment.

And the NAACP, leftist celebrities, and famed retired cop Frank Serpico are rallying to get this “oppressed” multi-millionaire a job. Moreover, they’re calling for a boycott of the NFL until Kaepernick gets signed.

Spike Lee — who directed the film “White Men Can’t Jump” — tweeted an announcement for a forthcoming rally outside the NFL headquarters in New York.

The rally, which is scheduled for August 23, is to protest what race-baiting moonbats consider the NFL’s blackballing of Kaepernick.

In true Hollywood fashion, Spike Lee merely paid lip service to social justice, noting that he doesn’t have...
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tsquared said...

The real irony is that it was the Atlanta NAACP that issued the boycott ultimatum to Authur Blank the owner of the Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta has a new domed playing field this year that opened this past weekend. When season tickets went on sale, the new stadium along with last years record, helped sell out all of the seats. There are no tickets available for any of the home game this coming year. An Atlanta first. Alls seats have been sold and paid for months ago.

It is kind of hard to boycott a game when you can't get a ticket to it.

Peteforester said...

Imagine a white movie director filming "Black Men Can't Swim..."

Skipper said...

NFL Racist? Must be the reverse racism (against whites) since 75% of the NFL players are black