90 Miles From Tyranny : Stanford students start a ‘disrupting whiteness’ club

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Friday, August 25, 2017

Stanford students start a ‘disrupting whiteness’ club

  • A recent Stanford University graduate launched a "disrupting whiteness" club in September, citing a need to "educate other white people" about "implicit bias."
  • As of now, the club, which plans to put an end to "white liberal apathy," has more than 200 members and will host weekly meetings throughout the fall.

Students at Stanford University can join a “Disrupting Whiteness” club in an effort to end the “white liberal apathy” and “white privilege” of their peers.

The club, formally known as Disrupting Whiteness: Stanford University, was founded under the leadership of recent graduate Micaela Suminski as a way to “get more students to learn about, discuss, and educate others about whiteness.”

“White students must step up to educate themselves and those around them,” a club description states, adding that “white students can and should do a lot more than we currently do in when it comes to race education and anti-racist action.”

The group recently attracted attention after Suminski published a documentfollowing the Charlottesville riots in which she sought to teach white people how they can “step up,” listing efforts such as advocating for the renaming of plazas and giving money “to actual black, brown, and...
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