90 Miles From Tyranny : These Republican Governors Want To Turn Their States into Third World Hellholes

Thursday, January 2, 2020

These Republican Governors Want To Turn Their States into Third World Hellholes

Daniel Horowitz of the Conservative Review offered a very sobering analysis of how useless Republican Governors have been on the issue of refugee resettlement.

President Trump set the record straight on the issue of refugee resettlement back in October.

“As you know, for many years, leaders in Washington brought large numbers of refugees to your state from Somalia without considering the impact on schools and communities and taxpayers,” Trump said during a rally in Minneapolis on October 10. “You should be able to decide what is best for your own cities and for your own neighborhoods, and that’s what you have the right to do right now, and believe me, no other president would be doing that.”

Trump stayed true to his word and allowed states and counties to reject refugee resettlement. However, Republican governors are a different story.

Republican governors have sent letters to the State Department announcing their desire to resettle refugees in their respective states.

The State Department now has a list of governors and county commissioners who have written formal letters to the department demanding refugee resettlement in their jurisdictions.

According to executive order 13888, both governors and county governments must formally request resettlement prior to one of the resettlement contractors being able to resettle refugees in a given county.

As of now, 18 governors have sent formal letters to the State Department requesting refugees. It should be noted that many more have voiced their support, and not a single governor has fully rejected resettlement.

The following 15 GOP governors have hopped on board the mass migration bandwagon:

BLP has reported on the cases of Tennessee, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Arkansas governors bringing in more...

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  1. Stop sending the states any monies that support, in any way, these illegal freeloaders.
    Watch the governors change their tune.

  2. As soon as the POS Edwards was re-elected in Louisiana , he spouts the same more invader shit from his pie hole. Kept his mouth shut during the election though. Chicken shit bastard. State does not have enough money now, and this fuktard wants to spend money on folks that want us dead, or muslin.


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