90 Miles From Tyranny : Another Death is Attributed to Illegal Alien Serial Killer in the Dallas Area, Bringing Kill Count to 20

Monday, December 30, 2019

Another Death is Attributed to Illegal Alien Serial Killer in the Dallas Area, Bringing Kill Count to 20

Another family believed that serial murder and illegal alien Billy Chemirmir killed their mother.

The serial killing suspect is accused of smothering older women before robbing jewelry and other items around the DFW area.

Originally, on December 3, 2017, Diane Delahunt was found dead at Preston Place Senior Living Apartments in Plano. Three rings were missing from her fingers although police informed her family that she died of natural causes.

However, Delahunt’s cause of death changed in July 2019 to “undetermined” and her daughter claims police recently told her that serial murder suspect Billy Chemirmir was responsible for killing her.

Delahunt’s death is the 20th linked to Chemirmir. Two other women survived Chemirmir’s attacks in Frisco and Plano.

The illegal alien was indicted on 12 counts of capital murder in Dallas and Collin counties and two counts of attempted capital murder. In addition to Delahunty, eight more North Texas families stated that police suspect Chemirmir killed their loved ones.

Chemirmir is maintaining his innocence and is currently in the Dallas County Jail with a $16.2 million bail. In one Dallas County case, he faces the death penalty.

Lori Delahunty stated she found her mother lying dead on the floor of her apartment two years ago. She noticed a large knot on her mother’s head, but Lori Delahunty did not suspect foul play at the time. Originally, police told her the death was allegedly due to natural causes — a heart attack or stroke. Lori Delahunty originally thought that maybe her mother hit her head before falling.

After the attack, Lori Delahunty tried looking for the three rings — an engagement ring, a wedding ring and a 50th anniversary gold band — and then filed an insurance claim after failing to find them.

A few months later, she learned from other residents at Preston Place that police were investigating deaths and thefts there. Additionally, she learned about the case of a woman surviving an attack by a man who tried to...

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