90 Miles From Tyranny : James Comey: The 21st Century's Benedict Arnold

Thursday, January 2, 2020

James Comey: The 21st Century's Benedict Arnold

When I was a child, history was my favorite subject. I even took enough elective history classes at the collegiate level to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in history and political science (pre-law). I changed my major to business after watching Al Pacino overact while portraying a criminal defense attorney in the movie And Justice for All. I probably ought to write Mr. Pacino a letter thanking him for crushing my naïve fantasy of becoming a real-life Perry Mason. I should also thank God that Al Pacino never played the part of a software developer or a writer, because he probably would have killed any future interest in those professions as well. The only safe career for me might have been as a sanitation worker.

If you've never seen the docudrama Turn, about General Washington's spies during the Revolutionary War, it is well worth the time to binge-watch (if you have Netflix) and appreciate what America was like before it became the beacon of freedom and hope that I've been blessed and privileged to call home for my entire lifetime. I can virtually guarantee that everyone will learn something about the origin of our country they either never knew or had forgotten as some obscure footnote of history.

For example, I clearly remembered that General Benedict Arnold was widely considered the most notorious traitor in U.S. history, but I couldn't remember specifically what he had done to betray General Washington and the Continental Army (he negotiated to sell a map of our defenses at West Point to spymaster Major John Andre of the British Army) or why the previously distinguished military hero would have done such a despicable deed. If Benedict Arnold hadn't escaped to England, he would have been hanged as a traitor.

This makes for a nice segue to James Comey, former FBI director and one of the lead conspirators in the plot to overthrow the presidency of Donald Trump. At minimum, James Comey is guilty of sedition. If there was a crime like perjury for repeatedly lying through the mainstream media to the American people about a criminal conspiracy to overthrow our elected government, Comey would probably get locked in a cell for the rest of his miserable life. Instead, this disgraceful excuse for a human being has thus far been rewarded for his treachery with a multimillion-dollar deal to write a...

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