90 Miles From Tyranny : Anti-Rape Techniques:

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Anti-Rape Techniques:

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Department of Public Safety suggests that female students consider a variety of unusual actions if they are attacked, including vomiting, urinating and claiming that they are menstruating.

It has been suggested that it is better to make the attacker piss himself.  I concur.


  1. I was waiting for one of these after hearing that liberal nonsense...

  2. There's several versions out there. This one seems to be the best so far!

  3. No, see, Liberal women know how to not be a bunch of weak wristed pansies, and so can punch a guys nose bone through his skull. See, Liberal women can defend themselves without having to let 20 innocent kids be gunned down in cold blood by a psychopathic Republican.

    See, despite what you fat armed faggots think, you can defend yourself without a gun.

    1. Your points are impressive. Your comment about "us" fat armed faggots has really made me think and consider your well thought out comments. There a a few errors however, I would like to point out: People who gun down innocents generally tend to me mentally ill democrats. Only the mentally ill would create a gun free zone to invite sick democrats to kill defenseless children. Allowing children to be defenseless is morally indefensible and could only be suggested by a mentally ill democrat/liberal/progressive/communist - same thing. Please seek treatment immediately.

    2. And only the completely evil could blame gun free zones, not the easy access to guns, on the fact that a nutcase could get a gun.

      The blood of those children is on your hands.

    3. Only the evil and soul-less would blame inanimate objects for the actions of evil coward democrats. Your hands and the hands of all communists are soiled with the blood of millions of innocents, disarmed, defenseless innocents, and yet you thirst for more. To what depths will your malice against freedom sink?

    4. Well I think I agree with you Ted Brist. I have seen some 'liberal' women and most of the times they are more men than they are woman. Primarily those with short hair and army boots that have posters of 'Pink' on their wall :P.

      I agree that you should defend yourself without a gun. In the army you also get martial arts. And that is the first thing I thought about when I saw the 'right picture'. I don't think any girl takes a gun with her under normal circumstances. And rightly so. We shouldn't be living in the wild west. :P.

      But I myself do believe many liberal policies are ensuring that people that don't have a gun right now WILL have to buy a gun to be safe. That's what we should be preventing. And that's what many of the 'cowboys' here mean. In a normal society with a good government normal people don't need to have a gun.

      That's what I don't like about you liberals. You are only 'half' communist/socialist/nazi. And you only enforce the bad things. In communist russia, or nazi germany a girl could walk on the street at 2 am at night without even thinking about being raped.

      Let's compare that to modern-day America or Europe. I don't mind a dictatorship if it means we have a good job, get paid, and are safe. Thank you.

      Anarchy is not a good system to support. Human nature needs strong leadership.

    5. Mike Miles
      I think we would wish that todays liberals were rooting for communism or socialism like in the 20 or 30s. That would give us at least some benefits. What they are rooting for is straight social depravity condemned in the bible. Just pure Anarchy.

      I don't think you should compare them to communism or any communist. You would never see any modern liberal take up arms voluntarily in another country (like in the Spanish civil war), or actually try to start a revolution or fight for their rights. That's our main criticism of them that they are wusses and pussies. Real communists aren't and weren't.

      Many people don't know that someone like Stalin escaped many times from the Gulag. I mean... The Gulag and escaped :P. You have to be a tough lot to do that and still hang on to your beliefs. Start an armed revolution against a royal dictatorship etc.

      Just like us conservatives.. We are also a sort of revolutionairies. We fight against for our rights.
      Our enemies are nothing like the communists. Modern 'socialists' are just a bunch of spoiled weak wusses.

  4. FYI, no one, not even those fearsome liberal women can punch a guy's nose bone through his skull.

    Not that I expect anyone to believe me, but....


  5. Liberl MEN can't even do that!!!

  6. Mike, I hope you don't mind, but I posted this picture on my blog - with attribution of course.


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