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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Science Fiction - Vintage Ad

Everyone knows Isaac Asimov, But few know Clifford D Simak, he was my favorite Sci Fi author when I was a boy.  I checked out every book he wrote from the library, which was quite a few, he even wrote a fantasy novel, I forget the name, that was my first introduction to fantasy without out even knowing it was a genre...


  1. I had a copy of "City" that I carried everywhere with me for years. Read that thing over and over again. The fantasy novel was - I believe - "The Fellowship of the Talisman".

    Jujen Kai

    1. YES! That was it, I loved it. City is Great! I think his first novel I read was Ghost Planet, loved it.

  2. Clifford Simak was also one of my favorites. I must have read "Fellowship of the Talisman" and his other books a zillion times in high school.