90 Miles From Tyranny : Did You Know?

Monday, September 1, 2014

Did You Know?

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  1. Humans, and those like them, are more like wolves... when they do it right. It is just that humans have two types in the upper echelons, alpha and sigma, but we have negatives of those as well. Most people actually know with which type of man they are dealing before words are spoken. Just as wolves do. What humans lack is the ability to differentiate the positive and negative aspects of the outliers. Wolves make no such mistakes.

    Remember... when it is a harsh winter, wolves will eat their own. They may pick one to attack, but if that one defends itself well enough to weaken another below their status, that wolf becomes the dinner instead. Never mind me, it's how I think, and that leads to what I know... hear... believe. I'm no alpha, mind you. But I do play my part in the human pack.