90 Miles From Tyranny : Judge Orders Government to Return $167,000 Seized From Motorhome Driver Visiting His Girlfriend

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Judge Orders Government to Return $167,000 Seized From Motorhome Driver Visiting His Girlfriend

A federal judge in Nevada has ordered the government to return $167,000 that was seized from a man driving his motorhome on a highway two years ago. The man, Straughn Gorman, was traveling to visit his girlfriend. He was never charged with a crime.

The seizure originally occurred in January 2013, when Gorman was driving his motorhome from Delaware to visit his girlfriend in Sacramento, Calif.

Police stopped Gorman not once, but twice, within 50 minutes while he drove west on Interstate 80, according to documents filed with the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada.

In the first traffic stop, which occurred near Elko, Nev., a Nevada Highway Patrol trooper stopped the man for driving too slowly in the passing lane. Gorman refused to let the trooper search his vehicle, and the Nevada Highway Patrol officer allowed him to continue on without issuing any citations.

Less than an hour later, Gorman was stopped again by an Elko County Sheriff’s Office deputy, who the highway patrol trooper had arranged to pull Gorman over once more, court documents show. The deputy had a drug-sniffing dog with him, and a search of the motorhome was conducted.

In the two-minute video originally posted by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the officer searched the vehicle, where he found $167,000 in cash stored in ...
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  1. What the hell country are we living in?

    1. One in which we are no longer free citizens, but rather serfs, useful only as a source of wealth and/or cannon fodder to our rulers.

  2. You may invoke your rights, but the lawdogs are going to make you pay! One way or the other, they're going to make you pay!

  3. Driving cross-country with that much cash? Seriously? No, they shouldn't be able to just take it. But they should watch the absolute shit out of him. I know, I know, many libertards believe we should have access to any drugs we want. Without taking into considerations just what addiction means, and that most users don't realize that up-front. I don't agree with them in any case. Yes, he has a right to be a fool, but he doesn't have a right to commit crimes, and it sure looks like that is exactly what he intended on doing.

    While I agree, they shouldn't have been allowed to just take, they did have every right to be suspicious. Crazy thing is, they probably did stop a major drug buy and transport. Something they wouldn't have done without the warped and truly unconstitutional seizure laws. Not sure I have a horse in any of these races these days. I'm simply not going to support criminals or statists. A pox upon both their houses. Cancers of each other which both often attack the truly innocent.


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