90 Miles From Tyranny : Sheriff David Clarke – Obama Hallucinating, Delusional If He Really Believes He’s Helped Race Relations In America

Friday, November 6, 2015

Sheriff David Clarke – Obama Hallucinating, Delusional If He Really Believes He’s Helped Race Relations In America

Given Hussein Obama’s fondness of mind-altering substances, perhaps Sheriff David Clarke is on to something in his characterization of the faux-‘president’s comments as to his impact on race relations in America. Sheriff Clarke said, “He is hallucinating if he thinks he has improved race relations in America. The polling shows otherwise, he’s delusional if he really believes that.”

Obama admitted in a Monday interview on NBC that he’s moved race to the forefront of the national debate, but mischaracterized the destructive, divisive nature in which it has been done. He instead attempted to...

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  1. Zero didn't do any favors to his own. Then again, as a proper muslim, and socialist, he hates his own. Go to any socialist/communist country in the world. Take a black with you, or travel near one. You will find that socialist/communist countries are absolutely brutal to blacks. While, as a white/oriental/latino/etc, you might run afoul, just being black puts you in serious trouble. Of course, being "black", he can say whatever he wants and most other "blacks" will just accept it, no matter how bad he has been for them. I honestly think they are self-destructive right down to their roots. It almost guarantees, to my mind, that they do have the mark of Cain. Their self-destruction, and belief in lies, is so deep and mean and beyond accidental, ignorance based, or the rest, for me to think that it is anything but ingrained.

    No one believes, not Zero, not blacks, not white Dems. Certainly not the rest of us. There are some "moderates" who want to believe, and push it, in both parties. But they have lost faith and friends from their ignorance.

  2. Obama’s 'moved race to the forefront of the national debate'
    So did that church shooter in Charleston. Maybe he should have moved it without destroying it in the process?

  3. @ Doom..You're right. I don't know about the mark of Cain, you are most likely right about that as well, but they are undoubtedly the most useless race on the planet. Actually, worse than useless, as they destroy every place they live and drain every productive person of their wealth due to the black's inherently helpless stupidity, violent attitudes and general laziness.