Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Somali ISIS Supporter, Rocketeer Worked As Baggage Handler, DHS Secretary Johnson Is An Anti-American Traitor...

A rampant and blatant anti-Americanism coupled with an anti-white folk racist sentiment seems to be a requirement, or at a minimum a preferred component of one’s basic character composition, sought in those being considered for employment with the new, modern, UN-friendly, United States federal government.  That is particularly true with agencies responsible for security, most notably, airport and immigration security.

Being a foreigner is a resume enhancement as well, as everybody knows that Americans could easily find work anytime, anywhere, anyway if they weren’t all lazy drug users, content to sit and wait for a job to come to them. The government has a responsibility to those it has imported to replace the American workers and for jihad to give them the good, taxpayer-funded jobs with the primo retirement. Diversity is a wonderful thing if you’re not an American.

Of course, providing preferential treatment to people with no loyalty to America is...

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