Wednesday, February 24, 2016

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!? Asylum Seeker Raped Young Migrant Shelter Employee AFTER He Received Anti-Rape Training


A 16 year old Afghan male claiming asylum in Belgium has been stripped of his asylum seeker status by the government after he raped an employee at a Red Cross shelter in Menen, West Flanders.

Although the identity or age of the victim has not been revealed by Belgian police, she has been described as “young service staff” of a catering firm contracted to provide food to the migrants at the Menen Red Cross shelter. Flemish Television (VTM) reports the rape took place in the cellar of the centre for young migrants on Wednesday 10th of Feburary, where the woman had gone to fetch supplies.

The girl has filed a complaint for prior verbal assault, and for rape. Because the migrant man is only 16 years old, he will be tried in a Belgian juvenile court, where if found guilty he would receive a significantly shorter sentence and be imprisoned in more comfortable conditions.

A short spell in prison is not the only consequence for the perpetrator if found guilty, though, as the Belgian Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration has made a robust response to....
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