Monday, February 29, 2016

Sheriff Babeu – Biden And Obama Should Apologize To Americans, Not Mexico

Pinal County, AZ, Sheriff Paul Babeu gives his perspective on the profane language and the message of former Mexican president Vicente Fox regarding Donald Trump and the border wall. As the video shows Fox vehemently vows Mexico will not pay for the wall but that is not their decision to make.

He also offers his opinion on the continuing apology tour of the junior foreign nation toady, Joe Biden and his groveling before the current Mexican president.

Babeu asks, “Why don’t they stop right there and turn to the American people and apologize to us? Apologize to the thousands of Americans and families who have victims, their own sons and daughters, moms and dads who have been killed by some of these illegals, these criminals?”

He continues, “Never once have they talked to the parents of murdered children here in my state and yet they would gladly apologize in a second to the leaders of Mexico, to leaders in Europe. And finally we need...Read More HERE

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