Thursday, March 17, 2016

VIDEO: Harvard students debate whether whites should kill themselves due to ‘privilege’

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – White lives do not matter, according to a student debater/activist from the University of West Georgia.

Miguel Feliciano, along with fellow West Georgia student Damiyr Davis, reportedly participated in a recent debate with other students at Harvard University.

During an exchange with their opponents, Feliciano suggested that white people should kill themselves because of their “white privilege.”

The exchange was caught on video and posted on YouTube.

“White life is wrong,” Feliciano was quoted as saying by “Our argument is that we should never affirm white life. White life is based off black subjugation.”

When a white debater asked Feliciano whether he should commit suicide, Feliciano said “I don’t see why not, it’s ethical.”

When the white debater suggested that it might be better to remain alive and fight the social forces that promote “white privilege,” Feliciano rejects the notion.

“Struggling against the structure means putting yourself on the line, putting your body on the line, do it. Affirmative suicide, that’s cool, it’s one little step in the right direction,” Feliciano said, according to

Ironically, the debate topic was supposed to be about renewable energy.

“The black debaters simply ‘chose’ to point out their opponents’ skin color and begin advocating genocide,” reported “They expressly stated that..
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  1. “The black debaters simply ‘chose’ to point out their opponents’ skin color and begin advocating genocide,”

    Well, if that's what they want, lets get this show on the road. In about a week, we can all sit back and take a break. Every time one of these SJW's opens their mouth, I keep thinking about the old Chinese proverb. The one about being careful what you wish for.

  2. The numbers alone seem to point to genociding the blacks as being a much more cost effective solution. Plus then society still has doctors, engineers, chemists and other useful people.

    Oh, wait. Saying "kill the blacks" is racist. never mind.

  3. This shooting their mouths off session at Harvard reminds me of how PETA is happy to throw red paint on little old ladies wearing fur coats, but have yet to go after an MC for wearing their leathers. Harvard, where the white students are already so subjugated by the PC stupidity that they can't fight back. Won't fight back.