Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Shocking Mystery Of How These Nine Hikers Died Is Still Unsolved...

On Feb. 2, 1959, nine skiers were found dead near their campsite next to Otorten Mountain, Russia. This is the chilling story of their deaths:

On Feb. 26, 1959, the group’s campsite was discovered by a rescue team. The condition of the campsite and the skiers’ bodies was so unsettling it led to several theories on how they could have died.

The group of nine was led by Igor Dyatlov, who was also found dead among them.

Two of the nine bodies were found by the tree line, about a mile away from camp. The oddest part? Despite the freezing temperatures, the bodies were wearing nothing but underwear.

Three more bodies were found between the campsite and the tree line. One of the bodies had a fractured skull, but...

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