Saturday, June 25, 2016

Congratulations To The United Kingdom On Becoming A Nation Once Again!

No one likes being ruled by masters in foreign capitals. 

You have the right to control your own borders and make decisions based on your own self interests.

Globalism denies you that right and relegates you to be victimized to some foreign bureaucrat who makes decisions that negatively affect your country, your region, your family and your self.

Here in America, many of us still celebrate the individual.

Globalism is a stake in the heart of individualism. Globalism impales individual rights with stakes implanted in the bloody entrails of the needs of the many. Globalism holds that the individual has no rights and the life and work of the individual belongs to the group.

Globalism will ultimately require brute force much like the mass-murders of communism did in order to maintain itself and keep individuals in line.

God speed in reclaiming your Kingdom.


  1. This is just the first step, to reclaim their nation the Brits are going to have to start mass deportations, especially of "Asians".

  2. The vote went exactly as I expected.