Sunday, December 18, 2016

Democrats Trying To Get Trump Elector Booted Before Monday’s Vote

Ohio State Rep. Christina Hagan is anxious to fulfill her Constitutional duty and cast her ballot for President-Elect Donald Trump.

But liberal groups across the country are desperately trying to thwart that process and have made threats, filed lawsuits and harassed Electors, warning them not to elect Trump.

Hagan is one of the electors in their crosshairs. Since she is unwilling to go “faithless” and vote against Trump, leftists in the state are trying to get her booted from the process and (maybe) replaced with an elector who would be more willing to go rogue.

Two Stark County, Ohio, residents have filed a complaint against Hagan, saying her appointment as an elector violates the state constitution.

The constitution, according to, prohibits a General Assembly member from serving as a “federal or other state official” unless that person resigns from their assembly seat,” the complaint says. Hagan has...Read More HERE

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