Tuesday, April 11, 2017

‘Hate Crime’ Blamed on Trump and ‘White America’ Unravels After Police Arrest Black Arson Suspect

An apparent hate crime which was blamed on supporters of Donald Trump and “White America” has started to unravel after officers arrested a black suspect.

Curtis Flournoy, 32, was arrested by officers in Charlotte, North Carolina, over an arson attack on an Indian food store run by a refugee.

He is accused of setting the store alight and leaving behind a note which claims the attack is part of a pro-Trump plan to rid North Carolina of immigrants – starting with store owner Kamal Dhimal.

It demanded all immigrants leave or face a wave of “torture” and was signed “White America”:

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  1. If Bruce Jenner is a woman, Elisabeth Warren is indian, Rachel Dossal is black and perverts are normal, then this turd is obviously a white supremacist.