90 Miles From Tyranny : ‘They stabbed a girl 15 times as she begged for help’: How the London Bridge attack unfolded

Sunday, June 4, 2017

‘They stabbed a girl 15 times as she begged for help’: How the London Bridge attack unfolded

In just a few minutes, a deadly rampage swept through a busy Saturday night in central London, killing seven, and injuring nearly 50 others. Witnesses described in detail how the deadly tragedy unfolded in the streets of the British capital.

Eyewitnesses said that the three assailants were driving over London Bridge in a nondescript Hertz rental van, when they accelerated to “about 50mph,” according to Holly Jones, a BBC journalist, caught in the attack.

“We thought it was a car accident but as we got closer we could see a lot of blood and bodies. There was a pregnant woman on the right who was severely injured and on the left there was a man being resuscitated, but he started breathing. We don’t know whether the woman survived,” one witness told the Guardian.

One more witness identified as Eric Siguenza told the BBC that three men “jumped out of the van and that’s when they started attacking people on the road.”

“As they headed down the stairs, as they were running towards the people, they were shouting, ‘This is for Allah,’” he said.

They were just yards from Borough Market, a popular nightspot. It was just after 10pm, minutes after the Champions League Final wrapped up in Cardiff, and the streets were full of revelers.

The violence occurred in full view of hundreds of onlookers.

“I saw a man in red with quite a large blade, I don’t know the measurement, I guess maybe 10 inches. He was stabbing a man… he stabbed him about three times fairly calmly,” an eyewitness, who identified himself as Ben, told The Telegraph.“It looked like the man had maybe been trying to intervene but there wasn’t much that he could do, he was being stabbed quite coldly and he slumped to the ground.”

“They stabbed this girl maybe 10 times, 15 times. She was going, ‘Help me, help me,’” an eyewitness named Gerard told the BBC, saying that he lobbed a bottle at the assailants to try to scare them off.

Many sought refuge in the cafes in the market square. But safety was temporary, as the attackers went inside the cafes, stabbing indiscriminately.

“He stabbed her in the neck,” eyewitness Elsbeth Smedley told CNN, recounting an attack on a waitress. “He stabbed another man in the back, and then he...

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  1. Savages! Save yourselves Britons while there is still time! Did their leaders expect anything less? It is hard to believe anyone in this modern era could see Islam for anything other than what it is. Thank the globalist, liberal-progressives for hanging the banner of "white guilt" around then necks of White, Western, and Christian peoples around the world. Fifty plus years of propaganda from the elites and their mouthpieces in the press and media has worked it's magic in a very damaging way (racist, hate, Hitler, white supremacy, Nazism, homophobe, Islamaphobic, diversity, and a thousand other words and phrases useful to the forces of evil), but there is still time.

  2. Now damnit...one of those people with a Concealed carry weapon should have started shooting. Oh shit wait a minute, they ALL voted for people who took away their self-defense ability...fuckum...