90 Miles From Tyranny : THE "FAKE NEWS" Frankenstein TURNS on CNN

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

THE "FAKE NEWS" Frankenstein TURNS on CNN

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  1. Interesting. He has some spot on points. He misses my joy... no adverts while watching. Sure, he has to make a buck, but untill all are econ-crippled down to a level platform (I do my part by not viewing monatized political commentary), it won't work well... if honestly most monatized content is only being supported by globalist paid and lo-fo parent basement dwellers not long for this world when every tech and alphabet, whatever they say, is about to eat outliers for real algorithms. Hubba-hubba. Really really.

    Even with those bought and sold in the wrong direction? They won't sell themselves out with any particular batch, no matter how MK Ultra-near. Looks like another batch going down, with the gold stamp approval of Doom. Getting a dark wood for the purge already innit.