90 Miles From Tyranny : Greg Jarrett’s research shows Trump Was “framed…for crimes he didn’t commit.”

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Greg Jarrett’s research shows Trump Was “framed…for crimes he didn’t commit.”

Martha McCallum, hosting her Fox News show, introduced Fox legal analyst Greg Jarrett, author of the new book, The Russia Hoax. She began by pointing out that both campaigns in 2016 wanted dirt on the other and were willing to get it from some sources in Russia. Clinton used sources in Russia who gave information to Christopher Steele [a former British spy] and there is a judge now who wants to know how it works on the Clinton side of the equation.

On the Trump side, you have the Trump Tower meeting. Michael Cohen says Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting before.

“Let’s start with the Fusion GPS side of this, Martha said. “They have been tight-lipped about who the sources were for the dossier. And the judge is trying to get them, have them deposed on it. What are we going to learn there?”


Greg Jarrett says the use of the dossier could be a civil violation or money laundering.

“The head of Fusion GPS testified he hired Christopher Steele to get dirt on Trump. The dossier with the product. 17 memos. I read them all and I laugh every time. It’s absurd, fabricated, anonymous, quadruple hearsay. The use of the dossier, paid for by the Clinton campaign and not properly accounted for. It could be at a minimum, a civil violation of the federal campaign election act. At worst, it could be money laundering.”

The dossier was used to frame President Trump

The President, Jarrett argues, was “framed…for things he didn’t do, for crimes he didn’t commit.”

“…I mean this dossier was the basis for the investigation of Donald Trump. On the day that Comey cleared Hillary Clinton, secretly his F.B.I. was in a building in London, meeting for the first time with the author of the dossier Christopher Steele. Armed with the totally phony, fabricated document, they launched the investigation. As I argue in my book, to frame Donald Trump for things he didn’t do, for crimes he didn’t commit. Collusion is not even a crime in a political campaign. It’s nowhere in...Read More HERE

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