90 Miles From Tyranny : Instagram is Now Banning Photos of People at Gun Ranges, Claiming They Promote ‘Violence’

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Instagram is Now Banning Photos of People at Gun Ranges, Claiming They Promote ‘Violence’

War on the 2nd Amendment kicks into high gear.

Instagram is now blurring out images of women at gun ranges, saying the photos violate “violence or dangerous organization guidelines.”

Yes, really.

A picture was posted showing Kaitlin Bennett and Millie Weaver shooting firearms at a gun range.

Facebook-owned Instagram banned and removed the image, claiming it violated their policy on violence or dangerous organizations.

The image depicts two independent women at a shooting range legally and lawfully exercising their 2nd amendment rights.

In our new social credit score dystopia, that’s forbidden.

First it was images of Alex Jones, now it’s images of legal firearms.

Recall that many on the left are attempting to have the NRA declared a “terrorist organization.”

Silicon Valley is now throwing its weight behind demonizing all gun owners as violent radicals.

Once the Commie-style social credit score is fully in place, photos like this will...

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  1. If you want to see something interesting, go to Google and search “hitler and national gun registration”. The go to DuckDuckgo and do the same thing.
    It’s like a version of The Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.
    They will spoon feed you what they deem fit.

  2. I’d care but I don’t have Twitter, Facebook, instagram or any of that garbage. Seems like a bad idea and just a way to make yourself a target.

  3. While I also don't use social media myself, it should still concern us and we should still highlight the issue of censorship. This is an attack on the right to free speech, I don't care what people say about "private companies", and its yet another way that the leftists are eroding away at the firearm culture in America which in turn erodes away general public support for legal gun ownership and use. The less people can see safe and legal uses of firearms the easier it is to convince them we're a dangerous fringe.


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