90 Miles From Tyranny : Get Ready For The Gulags...

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Get Ready For The Gulags...

#Expose2020 – PART 1: Bernie 2020 Field Organizer States “F***ing Cities Will Burn” if Trump Wins Re-Election; Calls for Violence, Mass Murder of Opposition, and “Reign of Terror”

When You Worship Evil:

Get ready for the lady 
She's gonna be a treat 
Simmer slightly 'til ready 
Make her soft too 
Make her sweet 

I kiss the tears off from your chest 
I felt the poison fright that's in your breath 
I knew your precious life and I know your death 
I squeeze the love out of your soul 
All the perfect love that's in your soul 
You're just another spirit on parole 

Devil's food 
Devil's food 
Devil's food

I feel that Man has ruled this world as a stumbling, demented child-king long enough! And as his empire crumbles, my precious Black Widow shall rise as his most fitting successor!

1 comment:

  1. Big talk till that "woke" jerk runs into somebody who is a true patriot that loves America and has served in the armed forces and knows how to shove Jurek's nose bone into his brain.


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