90 Miles From Tyranny : Gov. Northam Declares a State of Emergency To Keep Richmond Safe From Hordes of Law-Abiding Citizens

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Gov. Northam Declares a State of Emergency To Keep Richmond Safe From Hordes of Law-Abiding Citizens

It’s Lobby Day in Richmond on Monday. It’s an activist and engaged citizen’s best day and probably one of the more annoying ones for those politicians in Virginia’s state legislature. It’s very different this year. For the first time in nearly two decades, the state is run by Democrats. They control both houses of the legislature and the governor’s mansion. It’s hell on Earth. Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun activities have paid off. It took a few election cycles and a ton of money, but the houses flipped. It’s also a not so subtle reminder that the Virginia Republican Party needs to wake the hell up. We have a supermajority in the House of Delegates. What has been going on out there? Nearly a quarter of VA’s State Senate races had no Republican opponent. I don’t care if some of these races were kin D+50 districts, you must challenge, and you must find people who can win statewide. It’s been ten years since the VA GOP got someone who can win. After a decade of mismanagement, this is what we have now; a Virginia legislature aimed at turning us into Maryland.

In keeping with this day of civic engagement, the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) plans to swarm the capital with their people demanding lawmakers end their anti-gun push. It’s no secret that Democrats are gunning for a hardcore, anti-Second Amendment agenda with this new session. The VCDL is a state-based gun rights group, but they’re excellent. They’re organizing multiple buses to get their people to voice their concerns and opinions to their representatives. And this has apparently made Gov. Ralph Northam very nervous. He’s declaring a state of emergency, banning firearms on capitol grounds over threats or something:

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  1. Northam is a chickenshit!! He is knowingly doing this to stir up a confrontation. The VCDL is going to court trying to get an injunction against Northam. I do not believe that the courts will touch this. There is too much self interest in their own power.
    Question: Why is it that I can be arrested and charged with inciting a riot but a politician gets a pass??
    Whatever happens on Monday the media is going to pull out all stops to make American Patriotic citizens look like unhinged hicks.
    I would also say to those who attend this historic happening is that Law Enforcement is NOT your friend. They will be recording every license plate number of any vehicle coming into the area. They will send people into the crowd to get things stirred up so that it will enable the rest of the LEO's to come in and start arresting people. These people have only one interest and that is their own power!! They want you and I to be on bended knees before them. To that I say Eat Shit and Die!!

  2. Every Sheriff in the state needs to take any off duty deputies with them to the rally in Richmond. They also need to be carrying their service weapons. If any of the Sheriff's have sworn in auxiliary officers they would come also. As LEO of VA State of Emergency rules do not apply to them. Imagine an extra 50k of armed deputy sheriff's.

    Would that stir the pot?

  3. The dhimmirats are looking to provoke violence. I am sure they will foist a red flag incident on the public. There is no reason to ban guns except to encourage violence. The GOP allowed this to happen and I have no confidence in them.


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