90 Miles From Tyranny : One Of These 4 Pearly White People Will Be The Democratic Nominee....

Thursday, January 16, 2020

One Of These 4 Pearly White People Will Be The Democratic Nominee....

All Pushing The Old And Tired Socialist Agenda...


  1. The impeachment will knock Biden out of the race. Warren is out of money so she is a dry well. Buttigieg is only drawing the LGBQABCDEFG groups which top out at 10%. Not listed but also a contender (not) is Bloomberg who has spent $240 million and nobody outside of the empire state gives a rat's ass about him. And that leaves Bernie the socialist. Liberals less than 35 were never educated about different types of government as Civics was eliminated from the curriculum. AOC is a prime example. She has an economics degree and does not understand basics of supply and demand but fully embraces socialism.

    Trump will be acquitted in the Impeachment, the Biden's will be under investigation, Bernie will get the nomination, and Trump will get at least another 4 years. There is also a law on the books that if a sitting President is acquitted the Supreme court can add the time spent investigating the Impeachment and trial time to extend the President's current term up to 3 years. Wouldn't that dive the Never Trumpers over the edge? Trump wins the election while the SCOTUS deliberates about adding to his current term, they add three years so the first term is 7 years long. He has already won the election but that will start after the current 7 year term is completed so he get an addition 4 years. The current Democratic party would die over the 11 years.

  2. little buttplug on a tricycle is a perfect caracture.


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