90 Miles From Tyranny : Washington Post: Donald Trump Will Transfer $7.2 Billion for Border Wall

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Washington Post: Donald Trump Will Transfer $7.2 Billion for Border Wall

President Donald Trump will transfer another $7.2 billion from Pentagon accounts in 2020 to build the promised border wall, according to the Washington Post.

The paper reported January 13 that the president would use his national emergency powers to:
divert an additional $7.2 billion in Pentagon funding for border wall construction this year, five times what Congress authorized him to spend on the project in the 2020 budget, according to internal planning figures obtained by The Washington Post.

The Pentagon funds would be extracted, for the second year in a row, from military construction projects and counternarcotics funding. According to the plans, the funding would give the government enough money to complete [a total of] approximately 885 miles of new fencing by spring 2022, far more than the 509 miles the administration has slated for the U.S. border with Mexico.
The pending transfer, if not blocked by Congress or the courts, would bump up his border wall spending to $18.4 billion.

So far, Trump’s deputies have built a little over 100 miles of upgraded “wall system” and are in the process of planning and building another 350 miles.

Chad Wolf, the acting chief of the Department of Homeland Security, admitted last week that the agency will not meet the president’s target of 450 miles by election day. “I can tell you right now that we remain confident that we are on track to [reach] 400, 450 miles that are either completed or under construction by the end of 2020,” Wolf told attendees at a January 10 press conference in Yuma, Arizona.

Pro-migration groups, including advocates for cheap labor, are funding lawsuits to block...

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  1. I am more for Trump than against him, but see this as a sad sack dog and pony show. He will never complete the wall. For all I know, the WH is negotiating with smugglers as to where to build, leaving lucrative paths open. I don't trust him. I won't vote for him. E-verify and half the wall was pretty much the minimum. Either he can't or won't. Without those things, America is demographicly destroyed. Doesn't matter to the rich. They have gated communities and wealth protection from crony capitalism, and the ability to flee if the real Bernie shit happens.

  2. Doom says he won't vote for Trump. That implies that he will vote. I'm curious to know who he would vote for other than Trump. This especially after he says, he is 'more for Trump than against him.' So Doom, an admitted fence sitter who agrees that Trump does have some good qualities thinks someone else is better suited. How a thinking person cannot see it as more than a black and white issue is beyond me.



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