90 Miles From Tyranny : Video: Communist Revolutionary Thugs harass diners in Florida following Breonna Taylor decision in Kentucky...

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Video: Communist Revolutionary Thugs harass diners in Florida following Breonna Taylor decision in Kentucky...

'Stand up, fight back!'

Protesters in St. Petersburg, Florida, expanded their demonstration to harass diners along the streets on Wednesday following a Louisville grand jury's decision not to charge officers involved in a raid that led to the death of Breonna Taylor in March.

What are the details?

A reporter for the Tampa Bay Times reported on Twitter that "Protestors are now going restaurant by restaurant to chant at diners on Beach Dr. in St. Pete. A lot of diners yelled back, starting multiple confrontations. This one was the most significant. Protestors took over a couple's table. Not sure why they were targeted specifically."

The footage in the accompanying video shows a mob of protesters repeatedly chanting, "Stand up, fight back!" while facing diners at a restaurant before one apparent activist pulls up a seat at the table of a man and woman who were seated together outside the establishment.

The woman at the table quickly stands up and says, "Nope, this is my table!" and unsuccessfully attempts to move the activist from the chair before two more activists fill the remaining empty seats while flashing signs and joining the chant. Additional activists followed and stood to surround the couple.

One activist can be heard telling the man, "why don't you shut up?" before the first activist who stole a seat told the woman, "I'll knock your old-a** boyfriend the f*** out."

Another activist is then seen blowing what appears to be a bullhorn at the couple, standing from a few feet away.
What's the background?

Protests have been ongoing in cities across the U.S. for months since the death of George Floyd in late May, and Breonna Taylor's name has been a frequent chant of demonstrators nationwide calling for justice after she was killed during a police raid.

Initial reports claimed that the raid was executed as a "no-knock" warrant, but Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron (R) said during a press conference Wednesday that an independent witness reported that the police did announce themselves before entering the residence where Taylor was in bed with her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, who has stated that he opened fire, believing the police to be robbers, and police fired..

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  1. We have a stand your ground law and our government and sheriffs departments are strong proponents of the Castle Doctrine. The new-bolsheviks are only going to get away with this in blueshithole cities with a high proportion of blueshithole northern state immigrants.

    You have to admire the guy at the end of the tape who's had a lot of practice blowing the chauffeur.

  2. Let them try that shit in my neck of the woods, I guarantee that they will have some drain holes going on before it's done

  3. Breonna Taylor was a good woman. One of the best from what I have seen of her. This is one of those horrific incidents; she was shot sleeping in her bed during a misdirected (wrong address) raid. I understand how frustrated people must be in this case; she wasn't a thug committing a crime.

    Her family has behaved with dignity; they wanted nothing to do with BLM violence and begged people, in the past, to refrain from violence.

    Rand Paul had a law passed after her death; Breonna's Law; he was then attacked by brainless BLM people weeks later.

    This rioting is NOT about black lives mattering really. It is about Marxism.

    1. Are you talking about the same Breonna Taylor that ended up with a murder vicim in her rental car in 2016, was recorded discussing the movement of drug money with her drug dealing boyfriend while he was in jail and had her name on a no-knock warrant that wasnt executed as a no-knock warrant for drug trafficking, during which her boyfriend shot a cop AFTER the cops identified themselves as cops?
      THAT Breonna Taylor?
      WTF is wrong with you?

  4. Every time one of those things happens, I think, "10,000 more votes for Trump".


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