90 Miles From Tyranny : Microsoft Now laying Off 18,000 Employees

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Microsoft Now laying Off 18,000 Employees

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More Than 5,000 American Microsoft Employees Could Be Laid Off This Week As Microsoft Pushes For More H-1B Visas

It was reported that Microsoft was going to lay off 5,000 workers, now it is 18,000 workers.

The new CEO also said they would be hiring in new strategic areas.
Those jobs will undoubtedly got to H-1B and offshore hire's.

We are becoming a third world nation on every level.

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  1. Right, but understand three things... maybe four. Leastly, if that is MS's new CEO... is he a foreigner? I don't care if he is third gen, if he wasn't born to even European stock, he is, and always will be, foreign. Next, MS is liberal, in the modernist and suicidal notion of the term. MS is also up against it financially, as their political hopes have come true to the economic ruin of the modern, and Western, world. They would be cutting US hires no matter what. As to replacements? Sure, pennies on the dollar is worth exactly what you pay, too. Believe it. And, finally, Europe has bent MS over it's knee. It seems they did that to punish, but it's just a reach around for MS's wallet, craftily manufactured to appear as a punishment by bureaucrats. They may also have control of some strings within MS. Payback for NSA using MS for some of it's spying. Quid pro quo. Or... part of it.