90 Miles From Tyranny : Green Europe Lets Its Poor Freeze To Death

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Green Europe Lets Its Poor Freeze To Death

The latest story on “green energy” here at the German online FOCUS magazine actually shocked me. Europe’s energy policy is, under the bottom line, costing the lives of tens of thousands of citizens – all at the holy altar of “climate protection”. FOCUS reports: In 2014 in Europe there were about 40,000 winter deaths because millions of people were unable to pay for their electric bills – the so-called energy poverty currently impacts about ten percent of all Europeans. In the past 8 years the price of electricity in Europe has climbed by an average of 42 percent. The consequences of energy poverty are profound: tens of thousands of deaths every year, millions losing their power.—Pierre Gosselin, No Tricks Zone, 29 March 2016

The fact that Germany is a world leader in green power is by now familiar. Much less familiar is the price the country is paying for it, not just in cold hard cash, but in growing losses and dislocations across the entire economy. The losers include once-stalwart utility giants like E.ON and RWE that are struggling with rising debt and falling shares. Manufacturing companies, from chemicals maker BASF to carbon fiber producer SGL Carbon, have shifted investments abroad, where energy costs are often a fraction of Germany’s. Losers include laid-off workers in these industries, but also millions of ordinary consumers. Their utility bills have skyrocketed, largely driven by subsidies for eco-friendly fuels. Germany’s “green” revolution has a dark shadow.—
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  1. Sounds like the need a Trumpesque character to replace Angela...

  2. Replies
    1. Once the individual is part of the group, it is ok to make sacrifices for the group.
      It was for the "good" of the group.
      Of course some nameless bureaucrat gets to decide what benefits the groups and never bears any consequences of his or her decisions.