90 Miles From Tyranny : Trump Is A Flashlight

Friday, April 1, 2016

Trump Is A Flashlight

Trump is Hitler. Trump is a demagogue. Trump is a racist. Trump is a liberal. Trump is a KKK sympathizer. Trump is Charlemagne.

Trump is none of those things. Trump is a flashlight. Trump shines a light on forgotten truths. Trump also reveals the disgusting frauds within our punditocracy and political elite. He does not wash away the sins or clean up the garbage, but he shows you that it exists. He ends up revealing the truth behind people’s motivations, directly or indirectly. Sometimes he does not even have to do anything, and the other side just gives up the charade and reveals their true form or beliefs.

The big one, as I wrote earlier, is revealing the fraud behind the GOPe. This group went from paeans to Antonin Scalia and promising a fight for his seat to openly stating they’d vote for Hillary, allowing her to name Scalia’s replacement. Within the GOP, he has also shined a light on their obsession with Israel. Trump eloquently explained how he would approach the Israeli-Palestinian issue in a neutral manner to show both sides he is offering to be a fair arbiter of the conflict for a true deal. This created accusations of anti-semitism (at the very debate by Sen. Rubio) and apoplectic sputtering from the Israel first crowd. Through their reactions to one statement, he showed that Israel support is a sort of cover from accusations of anti-semitism, and he also revealed that within the GOP, the Israel issue is clearly one-sided. The donors demand it.

Trump’s centrism is portrayed as far-right simply for being in favor of closed borders. This is the moderate Republican candidate the media has suggested the GOP run for years, but they hate him. He reveals the way the media frames things: destroy white nations through immigration, carve up the middle so no one can wrest control from them, and anyone who objects is Hitler. Trump is Romney with just a machismo attitude and willingness to fight. Romney is much slicker packaging. The GOPe will not accept Trump, since he is not ...
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