90 Miles From Tyranny : 0 + 0 Should Equal 0

Friday, April 1, 2016

0 + 0 Should Equal 0

No More Anchor Babies.

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  1. In wrestling, if you use an illegal hold to put yourself in a scoring position you are penalized a point and you also are not awarded any of the points you would have scored from the illegal hold that you used. For example, if I take you down to your back with an illegal headlock I lose a penalty point, I don't get the points for the takedown or the near fall, and we are returned to a neutral position. It's obvious. Anything else is an invitation to break the rules. The punishment for an illegal act used to gain an advantage must include the loss of that advantage. A middle school kid will understand it intuitively the first time they see it in a match. It takes a liberal supreme court justice to torture the logic enough to arrive at any other conclusion