90 Miles From Tyranny : Coming Soon To Women's Bathrooms Everywhere...

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Coming Soon To Women's Bathrooms Everywhere...

Gender Neutral Bathrooms? Pee On The Toilet Seats To Protect Your Daughters

I Have Solved The Gender Identity/Bathroom Problem - You Are Welcome.

How To Piss Off Obama

Anti-Rape Techniques:

Obama Wants To Do This To Your Daughter Or Female Family Members...

Gender Bender...

I passed by a TV yesterday that had women's tennis on it; there were two very attractive players playing against each other, one from Italy and one from Spain.

It just won't be the same when all women's sports will women in men's bodies that just happened to be born with penises.

I don't think I will watch "women's" sports any more.




  1. You know... that's less a threat... than a plan.

  2. Damn, who ever did that needs to drink some water.