90 Miles From Tyranny : The Teacher, The Classroom And The Lesson Learned....

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Teacher, The Classroom And The Lesson Learned....

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  1. ...now that's a good one brother Mike...that's a good one...

  2. Sounds contrived. I believe that there was a teacher and a principal willing to waist a day of students time on this. Teachers and principals have been wasting student time for decades and revel in it. I believe that there was a teacher who was stupid enough to plan this and think it was a good idea. I even believe that teachers are so ignorant that they don't understand that desks in public schools are paid for through local taxes, not by soldiers.

    But I don't believe that 27 uniformed military people had nothing to do all day but stand around in a closet waiting to be called at the end of the day to march in with furniture for a one line anti-climax after a whole day buildup.

    It reads like a fake story. I hate fake stories. There are plenty of real stories of real people doing real things of merit. There is no reason to contrive a story that makes a teacher the hero and the vets the wall paper.


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