90 Miles From Tyranny : Five Words for Black Lives Matter

Monday, July 18, 2016

Five Words for Black Lives Matter

For far too long, the United States of America have been plagued by that grotesque mockery of “civil rights activism” known as Black Lives Matter. This group, along with allied Afrofascist groups like the New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam (i.e. the Black Muslims), proclaimed itself to be dedicated to addressing supposed targeting of black American by the police. However, due to the influence of other more well-established radical groups, BLM has since branched out into a more broad spectrum sort of anti-capitalism, anti-law and order, anti-white, anti-America in general movement. As a result, BLM has lost what little credibility it originally may have had, and has joined the ranks of being just another fear-mongering left-wing agitation group. The main distinction between it and other left-wing noise generators is the lengths to which it is willing to go to inconvenience and threaten everyone it comes into contact with. Because of this, it’s time for the decent people of this country to stop playing along with BLM’s delusions, and simply tell them these five little words:
Sit down and shut up.

That’s it. Nothing more needs to be said to the BLM “movement” other than this. They do not deserve any efforts to engage them rationally. They have shown no willingness to be rational in the first place. They don’t deserve any “yes, but…” caveats. They are nothing but a menace and an annoyance to the civilized people who are left in this country.

To begin with, their entire raison d’etre for existing - which is to address the rampant police brutality represented in the vastly disproportionate shooting of black Americans by the police—is completely bogus. As in, it doesn’t exist. As it turns out, in 2015, of the 990 people who were killed by police officers in the US, 258 were black, which is 26%. Now, while blacks only make up 13% of the American population, they were 22% of those who committed violent crimes of all types. For comparison, whites made up 494 of the 990 people killed by the police (50%), despite committing only 43% of violent crimes. So while...

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  1. They are Soros' Hybrid War Little Black Men along the same lines as Putin's Little Green Men.

  2. Look, blm is simply where "civil rights" was going and had to go. It isn't new. It was allowed, forced really, in the 60's. It will either go back in the bottle or be deported. If it stays, expect segregation, enforced segregation. If I don't think that will work, or last. The choice, as with Europe, is repatriation or submission. As even Buddhists have suggested, a man cannot sleep beside a rabid dog. Do NOT think blm is a modern thing, it's just the new name for the same old same old.

  3. -- Sit down and shut up. --

    And if they won't?

    1. Do you really need to ask? Civil rights, of the 60's, is about to die.