Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hillary Ignores First Olympic Medal Winner In Rifle – Heaps Praise On Losing Muslim American In Hijab

When Ibtihaj Muhammad became the first U.S. Olympic athlete to compete wearing her Muslim hijab, the liberals were falling over each other to praise this brave, brave woman.

I suppose this is a neat thing. And yes, maybe it shows the world that we don’t care what your religion is, or your silly fashion statements. And American is an American and all that, right?

It doesn’t help that she bashed the U.S. because she said it’s a place full of bigots. She doesn’t feel safe in the U.S. because she’s Muslim, she said.

Um… ok. She’s entitled to that opinion, right. We’re still proud of her. We’re proud of all our athletes, right?

So liberals are praising her. Even telling us she should have carried the U.S. Flag at the opening ceremony instead of Michael Phelps because...

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  1. No American wears a hijab. That is not an American. That is why Hillary celebrates even a loss by such. They shouldn't be allowed to compete for America. Beyond that, Hillary hates straight white women, probably all straights... almost as much as Bill lusts after them. Opposites and all.

  2. It's people like her and the libs turning me into a bigot.