90 Miles From Tyranny : Human Carbon Dioxide Emissions - Should You Be Worried?

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Human Carbon Dioxide Emissions - Should You Be Worried?

Fossil fuels are responsible for less than one half of one percent and possibly as low as one tenth of one percent of all carbon emissions. The ocean is the number one carbon emitter, and natural land emission is number two.  Was this information easy to find? No. The dishonesty of the radical leftist websites that attempt to create climate hysteria will not put it as plainly as this. Obfuscation is their goal. They will publish the numbers in oddly disparate places as to create barricades to the truth.

Carbon is not a pollutant, carbon is the elixir of life. In the 20th century, Star Trek's Enterprise went off in search for carbon based life forms; In the 21st century, anti-enterprise low life carbon based life forms boldly go where no deadly socialist has gone before.

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