Thursday, August 25, 2016

New Mental Illness Disease Discovered: Only Affects Muslim Men Of Military Age And Makes Them Murder Infidels With Knives.

Doctors have named the new disease "Jihad". Dr. Stu Pidazhole decribes the real victims as the poor Muslim men that are afflicted with the disease and are forced to witness the horrible crimes first hand. They often are covered with the blood and guts of strangers after the attacks, subjected to blood borne diseases and then are persecuted and treated like criminals after the attacks despite their mental illness. Dr. Stu Pidazhole stated "This is not how our society should treat people with mental illness."

"These men need counseling and treatment", said Dr. Stu Pidazhole, "this happens when these poor men are subjected to the injustices of western society, it is western society that is at fault here and needs the real treatment." he stated.

The mental illness has broken out in America, The U.K., France, Australia, Germany, Russia, China, Canada, South America, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemberg, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, pretty much wherever Muslims live or can travel to.

We should thank Muslim men of military age for bearing the brunt of this terrible mental illness. These men need western medical clinics to help cure this disease and as a result, we should increase immigration from muslim nations to properly treat the disease.

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