Saturday, September 10, 2016

Florida slaps $151K fine on security company that hired Muslim Terrorist Pulse shooter

ORLANDO, Fla. — The Florida Department of Agriculture has slapped the security company that hired Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen with a $151,000 fine.

It’s the largest fine of its kind in Florida history.

The doctor listed on Mateen's psychological evaluation didn't do the exam, documents said.

The state says it’s not the doctor's fault, but rather a clerical error, adding that there's no evidence that doctor even knew her name was on the evaluation forms. The state released the more than 1,500 psychological evaluation forms from security company, G4S Secure Solutions.

The state requires the exams for anyone trying to get an armed security guard license.

Mateen worked for the company for nine years.

After the June 12 massacre, the state found out that the doctor listed on Mateen's evaluation form hadn't conducted his exam. The doctor, psychologist Carol Nudelman, told state officials she never even met Mateen.

The state said a review of G4S Secure Solutions records going back a decade show Nudelman's name appeared on 1,514 exam forms, even though she never did those exams.

The state said when Nudelman retired and another psychologist took over, the company never updated its evaluation forms with...Read More HERE

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