90 Miles From Tyranny : Malkin: Sicko Terrorist Lynne Stewart, Still Hating Cops

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Malkin: Sicko Terrorist Lynne Stewart, Still Hating Cops

Old age and illness have not dulled the tongue or treasonous soul of convicted jihad-enabling lawyer Lynne Stewart.

She's as vile and violence-promoting as ever.

Freed from prison two years ago on "compassionate release" after being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, the flaming 76-year-old radical is still championing left-wing massacres against the police.

And still kicking America in the teeth.

The Associated Press reported over the holiday weekend that the mouthy menace remains stubbornly devoted to "armed struggle."

Translation: Sicko Grandma Stewart -- as unrepentant and unapologetic as the rest of her rotten hippie pals in the bloodthirsty Weather Underground, Black Liberation Army and Black Panther movement -- continues to endorse murdering her ideological enemies in the name of peace and social justice.

"Armed struggle," is that what she would callously call the 9/11 jihad attacks on 3,000 innocent men, women and children? It's what she calls domestic terrorist attacks on our police officers.

Stewart was sent up the river in 2005 after a jury found her guilty of helping terrorist Omar Abdel-Rahman -- the murderous Blind Sheik -- smuggle coded messages of Islamic violence to...Read More HERE

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