Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What The Media Is Not Telling You: Deciphering And Unlocking The Message Of OSU Terrorist Proves He Gave Allegiance To ISIS And To Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi

Reading the media analysis on the OSU attack gives me the laughs on how they are unable to decipher the code message by that Somali ISIS lone wolf Abdul Razak Ali Artan:
Artan posted a lengthy rant on Facebook blaming the US for all the problems in the Muslim world and hailing terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki as a “hero.” … There was no specific threat of violence but a suggestion that the U.S. could stop “lone wolf attacks” by making peace with “dawla in al sham,” an outdated name for ISIS.

What they are not telling you (or perhaps they are still so ignorant about) is that this is no “rant” and “making peace with “dawla in al sham” is (unlike what they stated) is a “threat of violence”.

“There was no specific threat of violence”? Idiots. Real idiots.

They do not comprehend the basics of Islam and its method of communication. Artan was giving out the standard Islamic “Aslim Taslam,” the mandate by Islam “make peace (by submission) and be at peace” or face the consequences. Islam mandates that such a declaration be sent out to justify an attack. This offer of truce is the pre-declaration of war throughout Islamic history. Artan simply posted the Caliphate’s mandate before he ...

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