90 Miles From Tyranny : Some tech firms welcome Trump’s H-1B reforms

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Some tech firms welcome Trump’s H-1B reforms

The domestic IT services industry hires U.S. workers and says H-1B restrictions will help them compete

IT services firms that hire U.S. workers and don't offshore work are looking forward to President-elect Donald Trump's crackdown on H-1B visa use.

This includes firms such as Rural Sourcing Inc. (RSI), an Atlanta-based domestic software development company. RSI employs about 350 people and doesn't hire workers on temporary visas. It has four development centers in Augusta, Ga.; Mobile, Ala.; Jonesboro, Ark.; and in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where a new center opened this year.

These are places "not widely known as big IT markets," said Monty Hamilton, the firm's CEO. That helps to keep costs down and makes it easier to compete with offshore firms. The locations appeal to developers who don't want to relocate to coastal tech centers, he said.

The three IT services firms contacted for this story all said business is...

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