Friday, December 2, 2016

In Canada Syrian Refugees Get $3600 Per Month From The Government, $43,000 Per Year, While The Average Canadian Makes $27,600 Per Year

The Canadian Broadcasting Company, commonly referred to as the CBC, recently put out a puff piece about a Syrian refugee family in Canada.

The CBC tours the families house, a three bedroom home that is honestly nicer than most homes.

It turns out the average Syrian refugee receives $3600 from the Government of Canada, or $43,000 per year, while the average Canadian makes a mere $27,100.

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  1. Do these lucrative "handouts" apply to the Hollywood Liberal Trump haters who are fleeing to our Northern neighbor?

  2. Given the Canadians of my acquaintance, they'd be fine with paying "refugees" more than the average Canadian makes just to feel proud that their country is so FN virtuous, progressive and forward thinking, unlike the backward barbaric Americans. Similar to Sweden, they are a small population country that takes their freedom and prosperity so much for granted that it is just the "way things are" and not something to be proud of. In fact, when compared with the 3rd world it's actually something to be guilty over.