Saturday, May 27, 2017

Univision Finally Drops Out of Puerto Rican Day Parade Honoring Marxist-Leninist Terrorist

A convicted terrorist and a leader of a murderous band of communists is being honored in New York City’s Puerto Rican Day parade. When communists Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Council woman Melissa Mark-Viverito march to promote the FALN terrorist Oscar López Rivera who will receive a “National Freedom Hero” award, Univision won’t be there!

The leftist organizers see him as a freedom fighter. That’s how ISIS sees themselves and that’s why the Palestinian Authority pays terrorists to kill Israelis – they claim they’re actually freedom fighters.

“Lopez Rivera’s ideologies on the independence of Puerto Rico do not represent all Puerto Ricans,” the organizers said this month in a statement. “Nevertheless, his figure brought together Puerto Ricans of all ideologies, as well as global human rights organizations and leaders, including Pope Francis, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, President Clinton and President Carter, among many others, to seek clemency in unison. Some people call him a terrorist while others think of him as a freedom fighter, as was the case with Nelson Mandela.”

He’s like the Pope!

They’ve been losing some major sponsors as we’ve reported and they can add a few more including the far-left New York Daily News.

Lopez was a strong voice and ardent member of the Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional (FALN), a Marxist-Leninist paramilitary group that used violence in...

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