Sunday, May 21, 2017

Distraught Dad of Victim Mowed Down in Times Square Goes to Killer’s Jail

Eighteen-year-old Alyssa Elsman had just arrived in the Big Apple and was eagerly touring with her 13-year old sister. Almost immediately after she uploaded a snapchat video of Times Square, a drug-addled Richard Rojas, 26 years of age, mowed them down with his car, killing Alyssa and seriously injuring her sister who will need surgery.

The killer injured 22 people, some very seriously.

Rojas kept driving with people on the hood of his car until he crashed into a pole. He later told police he wanted to kill pedestrians and be shot by police.

Alyssa’s father Thomas Eisman drove all night with his son from their home in Portage, Michigan. In his distraught state, he drove to the police precinct where Rojas is jailed and ...

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