90 Miles From Tyranny : What Is A Kodi Box And Is It Legal To Own One?

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What Is A Kodi Box And Is It Legal To Own One?

Conservatives fed up with supporting leftist Hollywood are turning to Kodi Boxes to watch the latest movies and not pay Hollywood a dime.

A kodi box is essentially an inexpensive electronic box that runs Android (yes the phone) software and has Kodi as an APP.

Kodi is a software application that allows you to stream movies, music, TV shows and more.

You can purchase one on Amazon (HERE) for under $40.00 and this box comes loaded (so I have been told) with all the software to immediately stream still in the theaters movies, along with thousands of others.  Want to catch up on Game of Thrones? Watch every episode starting from season One. Westworld? Yup. Showtime, Netflix, Hulu? Sure.

Is it legal? probably not, however, many people download free VPN's like CyberGhost from the Google Play store that is already installed on the Android box. However, I would never recommend doing any of this.

When you run the VPN, it changes your IP address and essentially hides your identity and location.

Makes you wonder if Hollywood will learn their lesson and stop shoving their leftist agenda down our throats. I cannot blame anyone that wishes to defund leftists that work hard to destroy our nation in particular and Western Civilization in general to dance to the deranged song of Globalism.

Defund the left.


  1. I bought into something called FTA (Free To Air) satellite TV a while back. I paid $450.00 for the box and the antenna (this was some years back). A few months later, the PTB running the satellites scrambled their signals, rending my system useless. I don't recommend buying into this, unless you want to lose your money. 'Want to thumb your nose at Hollyweird? Just don't watch the movies it makes. These people have yet to understand that they sell something no on really needs, and that it's only our patronage of their services that they're "stars." Without us they're exposed as the true basket cases they are...

  2. Peter is correct. Despite being only about $40 the Hollywood liberal I.T. brigade is gonna find a way to put an end to the Kodi box.

    The only answer is to stop watching the movies. Their mostly Liberal crap anyway.