Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Senate Testimony: Fusion GPS Helped Corrupt Russians And Venezuelans

Glenn Simpson - Fusion GPS co-founder
At a hearing this morning, Senate Judiciary members will receive testimony that Fusion GPS helped advocate the interests of corrupt Russian and Venezuelan officials while hiding its foreign work from federal authorities.

Many in the media have focused on whether Donald Trump Jr. and former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort would testify publicly at the hearing. Less well covered has been anything to do with Fusion GPS, the “commercial research and strategic intelligence firm” behind the discredited “Russian dossier” that made outrageous and salacious allegations against President Donald Trump. The title of the hearing gives a clue that this lack of media interest in Fusion GPS is misguided: “Oversight of the Foreign Agents Registration Act and Attempts to Influence U.S. Elections.”

Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson told the committee through a lawyer he would refuse to cooperate with their inquiry, after he was subpoenaed to testify. A source told Politico he...
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