90 Miles From Tyranny : The genius of Trump’s food stamp proposal: You’re not supposed to like being on food stamps

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The genius of Trump’s food stamp proposal: You’re not supposed to like being on food stamps

If I was on food stamps, I wouldn’t like this either.

I think that’s the point. If you can’t afford to buy your own food and you need the government to provide it for you, then you get it on the government’s terms. That’s usually what happens when someone else is supplying your needs. Don’t like it? Take every available action to get off food stamps and achieve independence, at which point you can buy whatever you want at the grocery store with your own money that you earned.

Until then, enjoy your Harvest Box:

• Under the USDA America’s Harvest Box proposal, all Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participating households receiving $90 per month or more in benefits will receive a package of nutritious, 100-percent U.S. grown and produced food. Approximately 16.4 million households, or about 81 percent of SNAP households would be impacted by this proposal.

• The amount of food received per household would be scaled to the overall size of the household’s SNAP allotment, ultimately representing about half of their benefits. SNAP participants would receive domestically-sourced and produced food in lieu of a portion of their SNAP benefits.

• USDA would utilize a model similar to that currently used to distribute USDA Foods to other nutrition assistance programs to provide staple, shelf-stable foods (such as shelf-stable milk, juice, grains, ready-eatcereals, pasta, peanut butter, beans, canned meat, poultry or fish, and canned fruits and vegetables) to SNAP households at approximately half the retail cost.

• This proposal creates a new approach to nutrition assistance that combines retail-based SNAP benefits with delivery of USDA America’s Harvest Boxes supporting the President’s leadership on Buy American. This proposal is cost-effective, enhances the integrity of SNAP, and provides for states’ flexibility in administration of the program.

• The remainder of the household’s benefits will still be provided via the current Electronic Benefit Transfer card.

The Department of Agriculture estimates the change would save taxpayers $129 billion over 10 years by switching to defined packages that would presumably have a predictable, consistent cost. I’m guessing it would actually save a lot more than that precisely because people would hate being restricted to the Harvest Boxes, and at least a significant percentage of them would...Read More HERE


  1. Absolutely. Keeps them honest.

  2. Hallelujah!

    Can you imagine Obama doing this? Or any of the Shrubs? Or any of the Clintons? Or Songbird? Or Mittens? I can't, either!

  3. Food stamps are used to buy booze, smokes, drugs, name it. Also a lot of fraud connected to it.

    But, oh, how the Demos will scream.

  4. Would be cheaper to transition to WIC style vouchers rather than shipping boxes all over the nation.

  5. in the early 60's government assistance was done exactly this way. I know, my parents were on it for a while, and hated it. but it was the best peanut butter I have ever eaten. minimally processed, still had chunks of peanuts in it, the oil separated out on top, today it's called "organic" and is some high $$ stuff.

  6. Now how are you going to trade peanut butter for drugs? Damn oppressors. Just kidding. Great idea.


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